Costly careful instruments should be taken care of.

SterixxTM plastic sterilization trays are a dependable, powerful and demonstrated answer for meet all your disinfection needs.

SterixxTM plastic sterilization trays are produced to give ideal primary uprightness, there by guaranteeing that the plate last a larger number of sanitization cycles. The adequacy of SterixxTM Trays is upgraded by unrivaled plan which ensures legitimate reach of the cleansing specialist utilized. Silicon Mats and holders consider legitimate capacity and cleansing of the clinical instruments while guaranteeing most extreme space use. The golden shaded top works with simple survey of the instruments. SterixxTM sterilization trays are intended to suit all method for cleansing including steam ,Dry intensity, Ethylene oxide (EO), Compound and Gamma.

SterixxTM Trays have been planned in the wake of gamering important criticism from our clients. Clients input is being utilized to redesign and further develop the item ceaselessly. The on-going accentuation on criticism based improvement recognizes us from our rivals. In light of our capacity to enhance we are focusing to be head plastic sterilization tray producer and exporter, in this region of the planet.

Severe plastic sterilization tray offer top tier execution at incredible costs, settling on them the decision of specialists and clinics. Clinical staff all around the world vouch for the adequacy of SterixxTM plastic sterilization trays.

SterixxTM , hopes to be the main brand in this specialty industry. We Ophtechnics Unlimited are now the main plastic sterilization tray exporter from India, which is a demonstration of our excellent guidelines and functional viability of our plastic sterilization containers.

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